What is coliving?

Nowadays, many people are looking for new and convenient ways of accommodation. Old conventional apartments and hotels are increasingly giving way to modern concepts such as co-living. But what is coliving and why is it becoming more and more popular? You can Rent a room in Antwerp in the city center

Co-living – a new trend in the housing sector

Co-living, or co-living, is a new housing trend that offers communal living in a private room or apartment. The idea of ​​coliving is to create a space where people can live, work and socialize together. Co-living is designed for people who are looking for more flexible accommodation and want to have access to various amenities such as a kitchen, laundry, gym and space to work or relax.

Benefits of coliving

Coliving offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive choice for many people: Socialization:

  1. In coliving, you can meet different people and be in society all the time. This is a great opportunity to expand your circle of acquaintances and find new friends or business partners.
  2. Savings: Co-living together can be more cost-effective than renting a separate unit. Housing, utilities and cleaning costs are shared among all tenants, saving money.
  3. Amenities: Most co-living houses have various amenities and services that you can use without leaving the building. This may include fitness centers, coffee shops, laundromats, workspaces, and more.
  4. Flexibility: Coliving offers flexible living arrangements, which means you can rent a room or apartment for a short or long term. You can change your place of residence without having to enter into a long-term lease agreement.
  5. Community support: One of the main features of coliving is the support of the community. In coliving, you can get help and support from other residents who can be useful to you in various situations..

What is coliving?

How to find the right coliving

If you are interested in coliving, the next step is to find the right one for you. There are several ways to find coliving:

  • Internet: On various websites you can find information about available co-living in your city or country. You can compare prices, accommodations and amenities.
  • Recommendations: You can turn to friends, colleagues or acquaintances who already live in coliving and ask for their opinion and recommendations.
  • Real estate agencies: Some agencies specialize in finding and renting coliving properties. Contact them for more information and assistance in finding the right option.

Be sure to check the terms of the lease, the rules of residence and the reviews of other tenants before making a final decision.

Coliving is a modern and comfortable way of living that offers flexibility, socialization and access to various amenities. This trend is attracting more and more people, and every year the number of coliving spaces in the world is growing. If you’re looking to find new ways to live and want to be part of the community, then coliving might be the perfect choice for you.


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